Introduction to Immigration Legal Aid 

Immigration Legal Aid is a service that helps individuals and families with immigration issues by providing free legal advice. Immigration Legal Aid (ILA) consists of three programs: the New York City (NYC) Free Legal Services Program, the NYC Immigration Services Project, and the Family Reunification Project.

What Is Immigration Legal Aid?

Immigration legal aid is financial assistance provided to people who cannot afford a lawyer. It’s available through organizations funded by the government, charities, and other groups that provide legal services to immigrants in need of help. It’s important to note that not all immigrants are eligible for this type of assistance; eligibility requirements vary from one jurisdiction to another. In addition, many jurisdictions require you to wait months or even years before receiving help from an immigration legal aid organization and sometimes even then there aren’t enough resources available for everyone who needs them!

Who Provides Immigration Legal Aid?

Immigration legal aid is provided by non-profit organizations, private attorneys, and law firms. These organizations offer free or low-cost services to people who cannot afford the cost of hiring an attorney. The list below provides some examples of the types of organizations that provide immigration legal aid:

  • Non-profit organizations: These are usually charities or religious groups that work to help immigrants with their cases. They may offer free services directly from their offices or refer clients to volunteer lawyers who will provide pro bono representation (free).
  • Legal aid organizations: These are non-profits that specialize in providing legal assistance for individuals who cannot afford an attorney on their own but still need help with immigration matters such as obtaining visas or green cards (permanent residency), filing petitions for family members living abroad, appealing deportation orders, etc.

Getting Help With Your Immigration Legal Aid Case

You may be able to get help with your immigration case from pro bono lawyers, who work for free. You can also get help from non-profit organizations that provide legal aid. To find out if you qualify for this type of assistance, contact one or more of these organizations: The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) offers a directory of immigration attorneys and attorneys who provide legal services to immigrants.  You can find a pro bono lawyer to represent you in court by contacting an immigration attorney or looking for organizations that provide free legal services. There are also court-appointed attorneys who can help if you don’t have the money to pay for one alone. If you’re overwhelmed by all this information, don’t worry! We’re here to help. Speak with one of our friendly staff members who will be happy to answer any questions that come up during this process!

Organizations That Provide Free Legal Service

You can find a list of pro bono lawyers and organizations that provide free legal services to immigrants through the US Department of Justice’s Pro Bono Project, the American Bar Association’s Pro Bono Net, or the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild. You may also want to check with your local bar association for a list of pro bono lawyers in your area. If you need to find an immigration lawyer, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) has a list of immigration attorneys who specialize in deportation defense. You can search by state or zip code on their website.

Case Resources Available

If you need help with your immigration case, there are resources available. Immigration Legal Aid (ILA) is a network of nonprofit organizations that provide free legal assistance to low-income immigrants. To find an ILA organization near you or learn more about their services. If you cannot afford an attorney and live in one of the states where pro bono legal services are provided by law firms, contact the local office nearest to where your case will be heard: Nonprofit organizations also provide pro bono legal services for immigrants who cannot afford attorneys. These groups may have attorneys on staff or they can refer clients to volunteer lawyers who work with them regularly. To find out if any such organizations operate near where your hearing will take place.


Legal aid is a form of legal assistance offered to those who cannot afford to pay for it. This can be provided by specially trained lawyers and paralegals working in community-based organizations or government agencies. Legal aid services are available in many countries around the world, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. The term “legal aid” refers both to the availability of such services as well as the funding provided by governments through legislation or other means (such as grants).